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The UKG Programme has been developed to cater to children who are off from Preschool and ready to enter formal classes, also enabling the children to employ their learning of alphabets, phonetics, numbers, logical reasoning, advanced reading, and writing activities, doing additions and subtractions, etc. All this with an utmost priority towards not losing the element of fun, joy, and excitement in the curriculum to make it a fun learning experience.


Children working with art materials gives a chance of increasing creativity. Kangaroo Kids, the Best Kindergarten Schools in Hyderabad, provide opportunities for children to enjoy the open-ended nature of art activities that support their bodies, develop balance, strength, and coordination needed for everyday tasks; they are also challenged to think and then respond with purposeful controlled movements.

Science and Discovery Center:

Children are naturally curious, always seeking to find the ‘why’s’ and the ‘now’s’ of things. Discovering brings enthusiasm in children and develops observing, predicting, questioning and critical thinking.

Visual / Spatial Intelligence (Design Smart):

Involves using the patterns of wide space, the potential to recognize, and more confined areas.

Topics Covered:

The Animal Kingdom, Body Parts, Internal Organs, and Sense Organs, Around The World (Continents, Countries, Cultures, and Celebrations), Professions, Workers, Tools, and Uniforms (Community Helpers), Life in and Around Water, Save Our Planet, Space, Inventions.

What Kids Learn

Language - Writing Skills.

Math – Number value systems.

General Knowledge.

Environment Studies.





Aesthetic/Creative Expression.

Class Size: 24

Age of the Child: 4.6 to 5.5 Years

Student Teacher Ratio: 1:8

Timings : 9 AM – 1PM

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Plot No:11, Jayaberi Enclave,
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