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Mother Toddler Programme

Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli is the only Top Play School with Mother-Toddler Program in Hyderabad. The transition of a child from infant to toddlerhood is a great milestone for the baby and also the mother. This phase is marked with a lot of emotional and physical changes. Kangaroo kids’ parent-accompanied Infant Playgroup is a unique program that assists little ones to learn about themselves and decipher the world in which they live. Your little bub is encouraged to learn through structured activities via exploration, manipulation, and discovery.

For the children aged below 1.5 years, Mother Toddler Programme is a great start. Mother Toddler Programme is a beautiful introduction to school life. The main motto of this Programme is to make children be comfortable in their new surroundings and inculcate the independence needed for the later stages in life.

The focus here is on helping children develop social bonds with adults and their peer group within the structured environment of Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli, the Best Play School with Mother Toddler Programme in Hyderabad.

Activity Center:

Enhances listening, speaking, social and creative skills. Provide opportunities for hands-on reinforcement of concepts and skills that have been introduced in a whole – group settings. Cater to pre-reading and pre-writing, manipulative/ motor skills and free/ imaginative play.

Gross Motor Activities:

The activities that the toddlers engage in focus on refining their senses and also motor skills. This center involves activities that lead to gross motor development, balance and laterality, and eye-foot co-ordination. We provide opportunities for children to learn about their bodies, develop balance, strength, and coordination needed.

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